Ares Racing Australia specialise in turning around racehorses that have lost their form with other horse trainers. We have a great record of getting expensive well-bred race horses back to their best that have lost their way in Sydney or Melbourne. The horses really respond to the team’s extra care and attention that the large stables in Sydney and Melbourne do not have time to do.

Furthermore, the team can identify problems with horses very quickly and have them winning races again for their owners. Ares Racing Australia like to keep at least 30% ownership in every horse in the stable so when we buy a horse for our clients, we are in it together with you.  We want results and for horses to win money every bit as much as the owners.

Our company is designed for racehorse owners.

John Horan has been a racehorse owner for more than 30 years and has designed this company for exactly what an owner wants.


Instant results and return on investment. Our horses are usually racing within six weeks of purchase and winning in their first campaign with us.


We know our tried horses are good, can win races and we back ourselves to get them back to their best.


 We pride ourselves in providing the best communication to our racehorse owners in the industry.


Horses that pay their own way. As an owner himself, John says there is nothing more frustrating than investing in a horse that takes up to 2 years before they even have their first start. Furthermore owning a horse that does not pay its own way. Our team spend weeks selecting the right horses for our owners.


Knowing when to bet on your horse. We can tell you exactly what to do and when we believe your horse is going to win. John says as an owner this was his number one most frustrating thing, he had with most of the horse trainers he has been involved in.